This special collection brings together evidence and insights from nonprofits, foundations, and research organizations working to understand the full impact of firearm use and gun violence in the US. By providing us with analyses of current state and federal laws as well as valuable data on suicides, homicides, accidents, and mass shootings, these organizations seek to inform sound public policy and to curb this ongoing public health epidemic.

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"Gun Violence" by M+R Glasgoz is licensed under CC 2.0

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Whose Guns are Stolen? The Epidemiology of Gun Theft Victims

April 10, 2017

This study is the first to explore the association between gun-related characteristics and gun theft victimization. The study shows that owning many guns, owning guns for protection, carrying guns, and storing guns unsafely are associated with having guns stolen. Storing guns in the car also appears to increase the risk. Owning many guns appears to be a risk factor for gun theft, perhaps because burglars see firearms as loot.