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This special collection brings together evidence and insights from nonprofits, foundations, and research organizations working to understand the full impact of firearm use and gun violence in the US. By providing us with analyses of current state and federal laws as well as valuable data on suicides, homicides, accidents, and mass shootings, these organizations seek to inform sound public policy and to curb this ongoing public health epidemic.

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K-12 School Shootings in Context: New Findings from The American School Shooting Study (TASSS)

August 23, 2023

The American School Shooting Study (TASSS) is an ongoing mixed-method project funded by the National Institute of Justice to catalog US school shootings. It has amassed data based on open sources and other public materials dating back to 1990. This brief presents new insights from TASSS, diving deeper into the database's potential to examine the locations, timing, and student involvement of youth-perpetrated gun violence.

Safe Storage of Firearms: A Toolkit for School Districts

August 10, 2023

Firearms are the leading cause of death for children in the United States. Millions of children live in homes where firearms are loaded and unlocked. Accidental shootings, suicide and school shootings can occur when firearms are not securely stored.This toolkit provides school districts with information about their legal obligation to notify parents about child access prevention and safe storage, as well as additional steps schools can take to promote safe storage of firearms.

Teachers' Views on School Safety: Consensus on Many Security Measures, But Stark Division About Arming Teachers

May 31, 2023

This report describes teachers' views of key school safety and security needs, measures, and related issues, including specific questions focusing on arming teachers as an approach to school security. It uses the results of a fall 2022 survey via The RAND Corporation's American Educator Panels (AEP). The AEP are nationally representative samples of teachers, school leaders, and district leaders across the country. The panels are a proud member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research's Transparency Initiative.

Gun Violence Prevention: An Academic Public Health Framework

January 11, 2023

There are a number of barriers to effectively implementing strategies that can prevent firearm fatalities and injuries across the country. These factors include the deep national divide on public policy around firearms, the historical lack of funding to support gun violence research, and the challenges we face with framing gun violence as a public health or health equity issue rather than solely a criminal justice problem, with the disproportionate impact of firearm violence falling on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.While this is true for homicides, suicides also represent 60 percent of firearm deaths and show very different demographic patterns. A public health approach to the firearm violence problem, that elevates strategies which are rooted in empirical evidence and invests in the next generation of leaders for long-term change, stands to contribute to the evolving national movement that focuses on addressing violence.As the voice of academic public health, the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) developed a framework that can guide academic public health institutions as they engage in the issue of firearm violence prevention. ASPPH intends this report to contribute to the growing national movement that attempts to address gun violence and to support Schools and Programs of Public Health (SPPHs) in advancing solutions to this national crisis. This report provides recommendations for actions SPPHs can take in four strategy domains—education and training, research, policy and advocacy, and practice.This report will be updated regularly as the national conversation on gun violence evolves, and ASPPH will formally reassess its progress in this area in three years.

Educational Costs of Gun Violence: Implications for Washington, DC

July 8, 2022

Research indicates that gun violence and violent crime can negatively affect educational outcomes including test scores, graduation rates, and academic engagement. In this brief, we summarize research on this topic, situate this evidence in the context of the geography of gun violence and educational outcomes in DC, and describe implications for DC communities.

Texas AFT Respect Us Expect Us Survey Stats

June 8, 2022

In the wake of the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, we surveyed school employees and parents about their reactions and concerns:90% of Texas school employees have worried about a shooting happening at their school.42% of those employees said the Uvalde shooting may affect their decision to return.Still, 77% of Texas school employees reject the idea that teachers should be armed in the classroom.Instead, high majorities of both Texas school employees and parents support red-flag laws (87%), required background checks (87%), raising the minimum age for gun purchases to 21 (85%), and even a ban on assault weapons (75%).Additionally, 96% of survey respondents support the Texas Legislature increasing funding for public education to invest in mental health resources and make meaningful security upgrades. The emphasis here is on meaningful: Uvalde CISD received $69,000 from a one-time, $100 million state grant to enhance physical security in Texas public schools, according to TEA data.

Keeping Our Promise: Annual Report 2021

December 1, 2021

Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) was founded to protect all kids from shootings and violence in their schools, homes, and communities -- and this pandemic tested our organization and pushed us to find new ways to reach those in need. This 2021 Annual Report demonstrates SHP's impact, despite the seemingly endless challenges of the past year, we successfully saved lives and got kids the help they needed. And we will continue to do so every day until all children are free from shootings and acts of violence in their schools, homes, and communities.

Keeping Our Schools Safe: A Plan for Preventing Mass Shootings and Ending All Gun Violence in American Schools

May 19, 2020

Everytown for Gun Safety has compiled scientific research on gun violence in American Schools. Everytown for Gun Safety in collaboration with The American Federation of Teachers and The National Education Association have created a plan focused on interventions that can prevent mass shootings and gun violence in American Schools. This report covers the following topics: demonstrate what gun violence in American schools looks like, outline a plan to prevent gun violence in schools, and stop schools from arming teachers.

Connect & Redirect to Respect: Final Report

January 1, 2019

In 2014 the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) piloted a new approach to reducing violence and promoting safety among CPS students. The Connect & Redirect to Respect (CRR) program aims to keep students safe by using information gathered via social media to identify students engaging in risky behaviors—such as instigating conflict, signaling involvement in a gang, or brandishing a weapon—and connect them to a caring adult who seeks to understand their situation, help them navigate it, and connect them with services intended to keep them safe.This report is an evaluation of the effects of CRR. There is evidence that suggests once the program was fully implemented, students attending participating high schools were at lower risk of being shooting victims; experienced fewer misconduct incidents and out-of-school suspensions; and attended school for several additional days, relative to students in non-participating high schools. These findings suggest that CRR may be a promising approach to improving school and student safety.

Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2017

March 27, 2018

This report covers topics such as victimization, teacher injury, bullying and cyberbullying, school conditions, fights, weapons, availability and student use of drugs and alcohol, student perceptions of personal safety at school, and criminal incidents at postsecondary institutions. Indicators of crime and safety are compared across different population subgroups and over time. Data on crimes that occur away from school are offered as a point of comparison where available.

Arming Teachers Is a Dangerous Proposal

March 12, 2018

Schools are meant to be places of sanctuary, safety, and learning for children. But, as the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, shows, children are also victims of America's gun violence crisis, even while attending school.After shootings like Parkland, and as a way to further their "guns everywhere" agenda, the NRA takes every opportunity to push for policies that would arm teachers. There is no evidence that arming teachers will protect children in schools. To the contrary, research indicates that arming teachers will make children less safe.This is why school safety experts—including teachers, school resource officers, and law enforcement organizations—oppose the policy. If lawmakers want to prevent school shootings, they must adopt proactive, commonsense solutions to prevent people with dangerous histories from obtaining guns in the first place.

Education Campaigns and Clinical Interventions for Promoting Safe Storage

January 1, 2018

Safe storage of firearms may prevent suicide and unintentional injuries and deaths. There is research evidence that child-access prevention laws, which require safe storage practices, can reduce suicides and unintentional injuries and deaths. While there is limited evidence that education campaigns have successfully promoted safe storage of firearms, there is evidence that clinicians who counsel families to store guns safely can influence behavior, particularly when devices, such as gun locks, are given away for free.