Connect & Redirect to Respect: Final Report

Jan 01, 2019
  • Description

In 2014 the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) piloted a new approach to reducing violence and promoting safety among CPS students. The Connect & Redirect to Respect (CRR) program aims to keep students safe by using information gathered via social media to identify students engaging in risky behaviors—such as instigating conflict, signaling involvement in a gang, or brandishing a weapon—and connect them to a caring adult who seeks to understand their situation, help them navigate it, and connect them with services intended to keep them safe.

This report is an evaluation of the effects of CRR. There is evidence that suggests once the program was fully implemented, students attending participating high schools were at lower risk of being shooting victims; experienced fewer misconduct incidents and out-of-school suspensions; and attended school for several additional days, relative to students in non-participating high schools. These findings suggest that CRR may be a promising approach to improving school and student safety.