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We hear stories of gun violence every day. Domestic disputes turning deadly. Street crimes taking the lives of innocent people. Mass shootings wreaking havoc in our public spaces. Suicides and fatal accidents devastating families across the country. The unrelenting toll of America's gun violence epidemic leaves 100,000 people injured or killed every year in communities nationwide. But while the number of people affected by this crisis is staggering -- 86 people die by guns every single day -- it's almost equally shocking to find that legislators nationwide aren't doing everything in their power to prevent the killings. Plenty of widely supported policies can reduce gun violence, but, in many states, they aren't being adopted. In fact, a number of states have chosen to pass measures that actually make it more difficult for law enforcement, doctors, and local officials to work to reduce gun deaths and injuries.

Gun Laws Matter 2012: Understanding the Link Between Weak Laws and Gun Violence