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UCAN's national survey (which has been running for more than a decade) indicated some fairly disturbing trends about youth fears, experiences and attitudes toward gun violence. A comparison of survey results from May 2009 to January 2012 showed that: Teens are finding it increasingly easy to obtain a handgun, with a dramatic 30% rate of increase among all teens and a shocking 62% increase among African-American youth. The percentage of teens reporting that they could get a handgun if they really wanted to increased by a rate of 29% (from 34% to 44%). This represented a rate of increase among Caucasians of 30% (from 33% to 43%), among African-Americans of 62% (from 29% to 47%) and among Hispanics by 14% (from 35% to 40%). The survey also indicated that 74% of teens nationwide think that adults should not carry loaded handguns in public places, 64% believe that government officials are not doing enough to create common sense gun laws and more than one in three teens fear being shot someday.