Summer 2016 #FIGHT4AFUTURE Week of Action: Rising up to #DisarmHate in All Communities

Aug 02, 2016
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Gun violence has no easy cure, but with the help of targeted policies and bills, America may one day see an end to one of its most fatal epidemics. While some politicians have steered away from these policies in favor of less polarizing issues, it is clear now more than ever that gun violence doesn't just affect one community, it affects the safety of our entire nation. With more than 33,000 people fatally shot each year, we must enact meaningful gun violence prevention solutions to create a better, safer future for our country. To help you work toward that future, Generation Progress has created an overview of the current federal gun violence prevention climate. From the conditions that lead to gun ownership to a quick overview of the most recent gun violence prevention bills and how they shape the who and what of guns — that is, who can buy guns and what kinds of guns can people buy — we hope to provide you with the information you need to get involved in the fight against gun violence.