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This report discusses the gaps in the current law regarding gun industry regulation and oversight. It then offers a series of policy solutions to address these gaps, including:

  • Increasing oversight of gun manufacturers, importers, exporters, and dealers
  • Requiring licensed gun dealers to implement security measures to prevent theft
  • Strengthening the National Firearms Act review and determination process
  • Strengthening oversight of homemade guns, ammunition, and silencers
  • Giving the Consumer Product Safety Commission authority to regulate guns  and ammunition for safety
  • Repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

The high rates of gun death experienced in this country are not inevitable or, as some in the gun lobby claim, "the price of freedom." There is much more that can be done to provide better oversight and regulation of the gun industry, which would have a significant impact on reducing gun violence and making all of our communities safer.