The State of Firearms Data in 2019

Jan 01, 2020
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Arnold Ventures and NORC at the University of Chicago created an expert panel of 14 members with diverse professional experiences and subject matter expertise in data, research, and policy. This report is a product of deliberations by this panel. The goal of this panel is to produce practical guidance for a rigorous, objective, and sustainable firearms data architecture for use by local, state, and federal policymakers and their constituents. This paper serves two purposes. First, it presents a review of current firearms data systems, datasets, and survey data. Second, it describes the ongoing deliberations of the expert panel on the review of data and on the development of a roadmap through the two remaining convenings, to culminate in a blueprint for a U.S. firearm data infrastructure. The main finding of this report is that, while there are numerous data sources describing particular elements of the relationship between firearms and accidental harm, suicides, and criminal violence, the current firearms data environment is disordered and highly segmented.